Friday, September 21, 2012

The Zoo!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful so we went to the zoo the other day!!

Addison loves the monkeys most of all, so we always go there first.  She was particularly happy that there was a baby monkey!  You can kind of see him off the right-hand side.

Teh zoo has tons of statues and Addie likes to pose and climb on all of them.  Here she is with the chimpanzee statue while eating some crackers.

Here's Avery chillin' with the chimpanzee.

Can you believe this shot!!!!  The lion was right by the window when we walked up!  It was awesome!  Addie woudln't get any closer and Avery was on my back in the carrier.

Here is Addie climbing on the lion statues.

Avery was climbing and laughing.  She loved it!
Below avery is posing with the giraffe.  He was eating right behind her!
Here we are eating lunch by the pond which was full of ducks and geese.  It was so pretty.

I told the girls to say "Kimchi" because they wern't smiling and Addie held up her two fingers...I guess thats what it means to her! 

Avery waved!!

Her is Addie riding the play horse in the children's farm area.

Avery loved it too!

While we were waiting for the train, Addie decided to break out a couple dance moves. 

Ah yes, the "grab-the-ankle" move!!  Dance on!!


  1. At the day you met Harin and her foster mother's family I couldn't go together (I'm in CA now) so I worried so much about her new family but now I don't. I really am so glad and happy Harin has been amazing time and now she has the best famliy! (and I'm so happy you are a big christian because I am too and I have played that Harin would have christian family.) Thank you for loving her so much even just through the pictures and videos I can feel how mush you love her! and hope she would get used and loves her father soon! Also thanks for keep posting her photos. I and my boy friend both think that Addison is so cute, pretty!

    1. Dear Julie,

      I’m SO glad you’ve been commenting on the blog! I makes me so happy to know that Harin’s foster family and friends can see how much we love her. It also makes me very happy to know you are Christians! We have prayed – as have many others at our church and in our family - that Harin would adjust quickly to our family and that the huge change from foster family to us would be smooth. I really think God has answered that prayer. Harin sleeps so well, eats everything, and has done very well with all her adoptive cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They all think she is so beautiful and just love her! We took her to church today and everyone was so happy to finally meet her! She was like a celebrity! I will keep posting pictures and video because much of my family lives far away and we don’t see them much. Also, Addison’s foster mom reads the blog and I want her to see how Addison is doing! Were you the girl the foster-grandson was face-timing the day we met Harin for the first time?


  2. Thanks for the comment and yes it was me, also you posted my picture with Ha-rin on your blog! :-) I had spent so much time with Avery in Korea for last 1 year and I am now at CA for exchanged student. I really wanted to see you and your family in person but as you know it was so much delaied. We all know that you had waited so much time and even you were already loving Avery. Ha-rin's foster mother always worried so much about you and your family waiting. When you sent the book which has recording of your voice, all of us was so thouched. I am really glad you have her finally! We will keep praying for her and her family. And I thought that you might be frustrated sometimes because she can't understand you. Please understans her that she had been in Korea for 2 years and never heard English here. I think she will be get used in English soon for sure. she is so clever!