Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Book!!

I'm currently reading the book Republocrat; confessions of a liberal conservative written by Carl Trueman. I absolutely love this book. He is frank, and doesn't worry about taking political sides. He shuns political stereotypes and encourages his readers to thoughtfully consider weakness on both side of the political coin. He exposes and critiques those on the left and those on the right in a very serious and thoughtful manner. I have never read anything so frank, and non-bandwagon-ish ever. He does not pander to the Left; he doesn't bow to the Right. It is absolutely refreshing and eye-opening.

Here is one excerpt he wrote after critiquing and exposing popular news organizations:

"Either human beings are critical creatures, provided with brains that allow them to think for themselves, or they are mere sponge-like receptors who believe whatever they are told by a third party. …We (Christians) are called to be good citizens in this world, and in a democratic society, that involves having as many well-thought-out and informed opinions on the things that really matter as time allows. It is incumbent on us not to surround ourselves with things that conform to our prejudices but to seek and listen to a variety of viewpoints. The listening is not and end in itself, as so many postmodern conversationalists would have it; the purpose is to become more informed and to have better-grounded, better-argued opinions. But that can happen only when watching the news becomes more than just having our gut convictions continually confirmed." (page. 58)

Amen. Amen. Amen.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Corn Maize

I took the kids to a corn maize today. We had so much fun!

Addison rode on my back - or Nick's. We alternated.

Jack hates pictures

Couldnt' get a good shot here either, so I'll let you see the worst one for kicks. It made me laugh.

Addie loved the slide. It was all she wanted to do!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Case for (early) Marriage

I read a very thought provoking article over at about marriage. In it, he is reviewing a book entitled Forbidden Fruit; Sex and Religion in the lives of American Teenagers, by Mark Regnerus. This particular paragraph really struck me.

"As he (Mark Regnerus) observes, “The importance of Christian marriage as a symbol of God’s covenantal faithfulness to his people — and a witness to the future union of Christ and his bride — will only grow in significance as the wider Western culture diminishes both the meaning and actual practice of marriage. Marriage itself will become a witness to the gospel.”

Yet, marriage has always been a witness to the gospel, even as it existed in anticipation of the gospel. From the very beginning of the Christian church, marriage has been an important dimension of our witness to Christ and to the covenant of our salvation. In so many beautiful ways, marriage points to the very character of God."

I was also moved by his concluding arguments:

"Mark Regnerus certainly drives the point home when he argues that “when people wait until their mid-to-late 20s to marry, it is unreasonable to expect them to refrain from sex.” Nevertheless, Christians are called to a moral standard that, by any secular standard, is profoundly unreasonable. I would prefer to argue that the delay of marriage is unwise, not only because of the demonstrated risk of sexual immorality, but because of the loss of so much God gives to us in marriage."

What are your thoughts? I'd be interested to hear some opinions on this subject.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Homecoming

Nick and Bonnie

Nick & Austin...being crazy

So sweet.

The couples before dinner

I must admit, watching my oldest go to homecoming made me cry. He's so big, and I'm so proud of him. God has really blessed me generously.

More sweetness