Saturday, May 24, 2014

8th Grade Promotion

 Drew finished middle school and we attended his 8th grade promotion last Wednesday.

Here's my handsome boy!

Here is Drew singing in the choir.  He absolutely hated singing...can you tell?!?!

Since I teach at the school I was able to read the names of some of the kids we were promoting.  They assigned me Drew's row!  (I'm so lucky!)

I swear, he did smile!  

Here he is walking across the stage.

Here he is returning to his seat after his name was read.

My boy & I

And yes...I really did hug him on stage after I read his name!  (I forced him him!!!!)
Here he comes high school!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nick Graduates

Friday, May 16th was Senior walk out.  The entire student body lines the sidewalk and applauds as the seniors leave the school for the last time.  Here was Nick on his last day as a high school student.

Such a cute boy!

Nice thing about bald heads....They're easy to spot in a crowd.  :)

Sunday, May 18th was graduation Sunday.  We started the day with graduate Sunday at church.  Here is Nick before church Sunday.

Here we are before the graduate breakfast at church.

Here si Nick with his friend, Ashlea Holt, who now lives in Dallas, but came back for this Sunday.

And my other boys....who were NOT happy about having their pictures taken...which is why there are SO few

Here is the breakfast.

Nick in his cap & gown

Nick with his friend Joel, They've been in youth group together since 6th grade.

Out family....not the best photo, but good enough

Each year, our church awards a scholarship to a senior who exemplifies a passion for Christ, a love of the Word, and a heart to follow Christ.  Nick was chosen as the recipient of this award/scholarship.  We were so surprised and honored.  I'll admit, I cried when I hear that!  I've always told the boys, that I would rather they have a passion and heart for God, than be valedictorian.  I guess he listened.  

Later that afternoon, we went to the High school to see Nick's graduation ceremony. 

Here's Nick walking into the gym.  He was walking with his friend Kenzie.

"Hi mom!"  (I luv that boy!)

Here is Nick singing for the last time with his choir.


Ready to go on stage to get his diploma!

Walking up...

Receiving his diploma form the principal.

Announced as official graduates!!

Nick with his good friend Austin.

Nick with Austin & Chandler...don't know the girl. 

My baby..... He's moving on.   :(  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High School Graduation Party

My oldest Son, Nick, will graduate from high school Sunday.  We had his graduation party last Saturday.  It was a very nice time to celebrate with friends & family.  Here's my handsome boy.

Here is my mom & Nick.

The table with his senior photos & other memorabilia. 

The only thing he cared about or wanted was good food.  He requested a Mexican buffet, and here it is!

His cupcakes.

A group of beautiful girls who came to help him celebrate!

Addie was sure it was HER party!  She LOVES parties.  She mingled and chatted with everyone just like they were her personal guests.  :)

Nick shamelessly used his little sisters & his newborn cousin to woo the ladies.  He claimed it worked well!

Nick's newborn Alex.

Airyn just wanted to eat and play swords!

Karina is a cutie!  She was adopted from Russia....They got her three days before the country closed!  She is a miracle baby!  (and adorable!)

Karina and her mama!

This is Mark's cousin Ryan.  Ryan wanted me to post that HE made it to Nick's party & None of his sisters did.  We still love all of you!  (We weren't offended...Ryan was just being...well, Ryan!)

Nick had to work SUPER hard to win Karina over...but eh was in the end successful!!

Nick with my parents. We love you Nick!  We're so proud of you and all your hard work!
Thanks to all who celebrated with us!!  I still can't believe my baby is SO big.  Its a shock to my heart!
(Mom, the other picture was worse than this one!!  Sorry...we will try again on graduation day)