Friday, November 17, 2017

Avery's 9th Birthday

Avery turned nine (quite a while ago) and I have had a little trouble getting the blog post completed!  But here it is! Our beautiful little girl turned 7!!  She was so excited!!

Here is her big cake ....and her sister. 

(So my photos are terrible but here is a close up of her cake.  It was really pretty.

All the cousins and family came to help her celebrate.

Here she is blowing out her candles.

One of my favorite shots.

She got an actual Asian barbie!!  Amazing!!

Aliah was taking it all in.

She had a great 7th birhtday!   Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homecoming 2017

Drew and some of his friends all decided to wear crazy sits for their Senior homecoming - and they were quite funny! Drew is on the right with the girl in red (Caylie)

Giving Caylie her corsage.

My handsome boy.

Such pretty girls.

It may have been a bit tacky but who doesn't love the stars and stripes?

Jack also went to homecoming with Malia.

The flowers are done!

Jack and his friends Ganon & Zack.

The girls wanted their pictures taken too!!

Sweet Avery!

My sweet Addison!
Cute couple.

All the boys - Jack, Ganon, Zack & Leyton (They've grown up together since kindergarten!)

Now, this is NOT what I meant when I said do something funny!

All is good!

The whole group!