Thursday, August 9, 2018

Family wedding!

The last Saturday in July we went to my nephew's wedding, and the girls had to get all dressed up and have their hair & nails done!  Here they are all looking quite gorgeous!!!! 

Jaiden & Daira!  Sweet sisters

Addison, Avery & Aliah - So pretty!

Our crew at the wedding!  (yes, we take up an entire row without Nick!)

Here is Nick, the best man - lookin' good!

Waiting for the bride!

Here she is! 

Chit-chatting after the ceremony!

of course, we have to have some of Avery selfies! 

taking selfies with Amber!

I'm pretty sure Aliah took this water out of someone's purse without asking. Seethe naughty look?

Karoline & Jaiden!

More selfies...with Amber.

me...I guess deep in thought.

My sweet mess!
Chandler & Abi cutting the cake!

My crazy family at the reception!

Videos from the wedding - best man speech, dancing videos, etc..

Monday, July 30, 2018

Beach Vacation! Fort Morgan Alabama

So we visited Fort Morgan Alabama two summers ago and we just loved it, so we decided to go back this summer.  We rented a house close to the beach and just hung out and enjoyed the sun, the sand, and the warm gulf waters.  Its my very favorite family vacation.

(There are four beach videos at the end of this post so keep scrolling!)

This was the house we rented in Fort Morgan.

Here is the view form our front porch.  We were so close to the ocean!  Perfect!

We hung out at the beach most days.  It was great!

  Jaiden hanging in the water

The girls playing in the water & sand

 Daira and the girls

 "Look mom, a shell!"

One day we went to the pool and the girls laid out and enjoyed the sun.

Aliah playing at the pool.

Jaiden just chillin' on her raft/

One of Avery's many seflies.

 In the evenings, we'd often go back to the beach and hunt crabs.  Here are my two handsome boys one evening at the beach.

We caught this guy and he was by far the biggest one we could catch.

That same big crab pinched Aliah's finger.  She was devastated!  

Avery doing some crab hunting

my kids combing the beach at susnet

Here are all the kids ready to catch some crabs and find sea shells/

My handsome boys.

Our house was so close to the beach we just walked.  Even the three year old could make it on her own (most days)  It was SO nice being that close so we could come and go from the house whenever we wanted.

 My men - enjoying the perfect beach weather

Beach snackin'

The beach in Fort Morgan in beautiful!

The kids loved playing in the sand.

 Avery was posing, of course!!

We caught all kinds of things like crabs, jellyfish and even an actual fish!  The kids loved it.

Avery took some seflies, of course.



In the mornings, I woudl get a girl and walk down to the beach to read my Bible and watch the sunrise over the ocean.  Its my favorite thing - the ocean is so beautiful.  

On Addie's morning she ran around collecting shells and crabs while I had my devotions.

my pretty girl!

WE loved building sandcastles with the little kit grandma bought us.   This one got a little washed out, but it was still cool.

Here are some photos of a morning when Avery came with me.

She was waiting patiently for the crabs to pop up.

The sunrise was so pretty that morning.

She preferred to just sit with me (While Addie just wanted to run around...and Daira, she didn't ever want to get up!!)

More fun at the beach

 Our whole crew at the beach.  We missed Nick, but maybe next year!!

Here are the two littles walking to the beach one morning. So sassy in their glasses.

The girls and boys had a good time boogy boarding. Some of the days we had great waves too. 

  Here is out little beach set up complete with chairs, shade, coolers, and toys!

Struttin' around the beach.

The girls!

The bucket full of water proved to be a very entertaining activity for Aliah. 

We loved this vacation!  Its so nice to have no schedule and just hang out for a week and just be together.  We can't wait to go back.

The Story of the Big Blue Slide:  The girls all wanted ice cream at the waterpark, but I said no.  Then they tried negotiating a deal with me - so I finally decided that if they went down the big blue slide, I'd buy them any dessert they wanted.  As soon as I said that, Avery marched right over there and went down without hesitation.  An hour later, Addison did it too (She couldn't be outdone by her little sister!!)