Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homecoming 2017

Drew and some of his friends all decided to wear crazy sits for their Senior homecoming - and they were quite funny! Drew is on the right with the girl in red (Caylie)

Giving Caylie her corsage.

My handsome boy.

Such pretty girls.

It may have been a bit tacky but who doesn't love the stars and stripes?

Jack also went to homecoming with Malia.

The flowers are done!

Jack and his friends Ganon & Zack.

The girls wanted their pictures taken too!!

Sweet Avery!

My sweet Addison!
Cute couple.

All the boys - Jack, Ganon, Zack & Leyton (They've grown up together since kindergarten!)

Now, this is NOT what I meant when I said do something funny!

All is good!

The whole group!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back to School - 2017

 My Jack is about to start 10th grade! 

This photo reveals his lack of enthusiasm and true feelings about going back!

 Aliah started goign to a preschool/daycare three mornings a week.  Here is her fist day!  Despite her unsure expression, she really did have fun!

 Here's my Nick!  It his last first day at Pitt State!  He is a senior in college!!  I can't believe it!

being sassy.  so nice.

 Drew is a Senior in high school this year!  Ug,  I'm feeling so old.  
Thanks to dad for taking his picture since I had a;ready left for work!!  

 Here are my girls.  all ready to go!

 Addison is a third grader this year!

 Avery is in first grade!

Happy back to school for all of us!