Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Daira's 10th birthday

Daira's 10th birthday was just after thanksgiving and we wanted to throw her a great party!  she loved her American Girl Doll!  It looks a lot like her in my opinion. 

Reading her cards.

Opening gifts!

More gifts.

Lighting the candles on the cake!

Her pretty cake!

Miss Daira! 

Blowing out her candles!

Happy Birthday sweet Daira!

Fall at the Zoo - November 2017

November was a very warm month and we had one Saturday that was absolutely perfect so we went to the zoo to see all the animals and enjoy the weather.

This is Daira, our foster daughter.  We were excited she could come with us!

All the girls posing!

Avery Faith

Petting the sheep

Looking at the farm animals

More silly pictures.

Daira with the penguins.

Eating snacks

Watching the black bears!

Having fun!

Playing on the zoo playground

Chilling on the playground!

Chatting on the Gorilla.

We were able to have a close up view of the gorillas.

Worn out!

Playing in the water - hoping to ta attract the ducks

All four girl duck watching.

Feeding the giraffe was SO much fun!  They have such long tongues!

Halloween 2017

Yes, I realize I'm about 6 weeks late, but nevertheless, here are the Halloween photos.  My girls dressed up as a rabbit, a dancer, and an Egyptian princess.  I don't know why Addison was so grumpy about pictures? 

My beautiful Princess.

My sweet Avery Faith

Aliah was so excited!  she LOVED the candy! 

Here are the girls with some of their cousins!  Aliah cracked me up - she looks so ornery.