Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation at the Lake!

So we went on vacation to the lake last week.  We rented a boat for several days and just enjoyed playing in the water.  Here are some photos of our fun trip!

My Drew.

Addie singing on the boat!!!  

Nick loading up our equipment

The big tube!  

Nick got thrown off and was swimming to the tube.

Avery being a ham!!!

Mark driving the boat...not the best picture but its all I had.

Nick driving the boat while dad took a turn riding the tube!

Dad, Drew & Jack on the tube!

Addie did not like the big waves and the boat rocking around!!!

This was the view from the balcony at our condo.

When the girls got tired of the boat and needed a break, we went to the pool at our condo so they could enjoy some low-key swimming & playing.

Avery is such a clown!!!  She always wants to make people laugh!   :)

The girls eating cotton candy at the pool!

We took a day off from the lake (we were tired, sore and little sunburned) and went to the play "Jonah" at the Sight & Sound theater in Branson.  It was a great play and VERY well done!  We were quite impressed.  Here are the girls outside of theater.

Here they are inside the theater.

A view of Table Rock Lake...such blue clear water!

More clowning around with Avery.

The boys tried knee-boarding which they all really enjoyed.

Nick up on the knee board.

Jack waiting to knee board.

Avery putting on sunscreen on our balcony.  (Posing of course)

The girls are ready for a day on the lake!!

The first time we put the girls in the lake they were not really too sure about it.  Avery immediately warmed up to floating around in the water, but Addie was a little more timid.   After they finally went in and realized their life jackets would indeed keep them afloat, they loved it!  (I have video of the first time they floated in the lake with their life funny!)

After they swam in the lake they snuggled up with me!

I really enjoyed watching the sunrise from our balcony.  It was beautiful to watch as I did my devotions.

The girls on the tube!!!

Having so much fun!

We found some cliffs and the boys swam ashore so they could jump off of them.  There was a lower cliff and a higher one.  You can see them in the following pictures.

Nick jumping off the higher cliff!  

The girls watching the boys jump off the cliffs.  

This first video is when the girls were first put in the lake with their life jackets.  They were a little unsure but soon realized they were safe!   The second video is just the boys tubing behind the boat.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer: Baseball & Swimming!

Jack plays baseball during the spring and summer months so we spend a fair amount of time at the baseball fields during the month of June.  Here are some shots from one of his tournaments.

 Getting ready to bat! 

Swimming Lessons!  
So my girls came to me from Korea with this embedded fear of water. They hate getting their faces wet and they HATE going under the water.  I've had them in on-going lessons in a feeble attempt get them water safe, but still have not attained that goal.  We've made progress but as you can see there is very little joy when I drag them to lessons.  

The picture above is Avery at her first lesson and the picture below is her at her most recent there is some improvement at least in her attitude!

 Addie is completely unsure of this.  She can do it all but generally hates it and finds it unpleasant.


Avery backstroking! 

Avery practicing her kicks! 

Not so happy. 

Jumping in!  Yes, Addison does actually jump in alone! 

Here is Addie rolling on over onto her back. 

 Addie Backstroking!  :)

 She may hate lessons but she's never too miserable to pose!  (That's my girl!!!)