Monday, June 25, 2012

Jack's Birthday!!

June 13 was Jack's birthday and this summer he turned 11!  He decided that he wanted to have a big birthday party instead of getting presents from us.  I was very fortunate to be able to reserve a pool in a town nearby for a very reasonable price so he was able to have his "big party!"  The party was on June 19th and as you can see, everyone had a great time!!!
 Jack finishing his flip into the pool.

 All the boys!

 All the girls!!!

 Sweet Pea


 Nick flipping Jack over his back!

 Alyssa & Addie - she is Addie's favorite cousin!

 Where's Alyssa?  "Over there!"

 Playing keep-away

 He's about to lose that ball!!

Playing with his friends

Happy birthday sweet heart!  Love you! 
I'm so happy to celebrate 11 years with you!

Friday, June 22, 2012

After 15 months.....

...Avery's EP was SUBMITTED!!!!!   It's a miracle!!!!!  On Wednesday, June 20, Holt submitted Avery's EP paperwork to the Ministry of Health and Wellness in Korea!!!  We have been waiting 15 months for this to happen so it is a big deal!!!  What does this mean?  It means our little girl WILL come home THIS year!  I'm beyond thrilled!!!  We expect to wait 6-8 weeks (or more) to receive word that her EP is approved, but thats ok...waiting is the norm!  Then after that we will wait 3-5 weeks for her US visa to be granted, so we still have a ways to go, but things are FINALLY moving again!  YAY!!!!!

In addition to this good news, we also found out that Avery had her Visa Physical, last Wednesday, June 13th.  this is the standard physical done at a hospital which is required for her to get a US Visa so she can enter the country!  Yay!!

We also recieved her well baby check!  (Oh yes, it was a GREAT week on the adoption front!!!)  She is now 21 months, weighs 25.5 pounds (5 pounds lighter than Addison) and is 2 feet, 7 inches tall.  She now says 4 words which is a slight improvement in her langauge development, but she is still behind.  Other than that, she is great!  We are thrilled!!

Its good to FINALLY have a happy-news week!!!! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hopping, Eating and other Random stuff

Here is a random video of Addie eating dinner!!
 I have no idea why he took this video! This was taken March 25, 2012.

This is another video taken right after Addison ate.
 She was showing us how she can hop and do front

Monday, June 18, 2012

Easter Video!!

Here are some videos we took on Easter day! Enjoy! Here is Addie just after she woke up and was about to find her Easter basket!

The next video is Addie dressed in her Easter oufit - modeling it for her dad!

The next couple are videos of Addie hunting Easter eggs with her cousins! We had close to 400 eggs! I know its crazy! "...And they're off!!"

More eggs!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Video

So I've been working on getting about a year's worth of video uploaded to the You Tube so I can post it on the blog, so Addie's foster mom can see her!!!!  Since I've had surgery, and am now relegated to "easy-going" tasks, I took this up this project!!  Here are videos we took of Addison's third brothday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Airyn Turns 2!!

 My nephew Airyn turned two and he had himself a FINE birthday party!!!

 He loved his "cat" brand dumpster!! 

 Cecelia, Ariyn's sister, was enjoying herself too!

 Airyn & Addison playing.

 Airyn's cousin Carson.

 Addions with her favorite feather bow

 Corinne holding her favorite stuffed puppy

 Addison was singing for everyone!  (our little performer)

 Corinne just being cute!!!

 Cecelia cheesin'

 My brother & Larissa

 My mom & dad

 Airyn LOVES balls!!!  He even sleeps with one!!!

 Larissa made this cookie monster cake, from scratch!!!

Airyn was impressed too!!!

Addie LOVED the cake!

Happy birthday Airyn!!