Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Weekend in Kansas City

So we decided to take our three handsome boys out of town for a "Boys" weekend.  We left the little girls with relatives so w e could just enjoy some more grown up fun! These photos were taken at the Plaza area in Downtown Kansas City.  We drove down there for dinner the first night we were there.

We also did a little shopping too.  Here the boys were trying on bath robes (Who knows why!?!?)
They were begging us to buy them.  We didn't, but I found  it amusing.

One highlight was the Ifly, indoor skydiving place.  It was very fun!  There are videos of each one of flying at the end of the blog so be sure to watch them.

Another fun highlight was going to the Chiefs Sunday football game.  We went some other friends at the game for some pre-game tailgating which we very fun!

Nick decided he was done with my pictures and decided to be a dork in basically all of them.  So nice.

Out tailgating group!

All my men!

Mark & I

More tailgating pictures.

Our whole crew!

Below are all the skydiving videos from the indoor skydiving place.
Video #1 - Mark
Video #2 - Drew
Video #3 - Me
Video #4 - Jack
Video #5 - Nick

Ashlee's 22nd Birthday

So Ashlee, Aliah's mom, turned 22 on October 28 so we had a party to celebrate!  Here is my favorite one of both of us together with Aliah.  

Disclaimer (The settings on the camera were not correct so the photos are not very good.  I was kind of mad I didn't catch this sooner!)

Here's Aliah playing with her two brothers, Alonzo (Facing us) and Elijah.  Ashlee's tein sister is sitting on the floor with them - her name is Alisha.

Here is Ashlee's family.  From left to right: Ashlee's mom, Beatrice, Aliah, Alonzo (holding pink hairdryer) Elijah (Below him) Alisha, Ashlee, Marisca.  Her older sister Janella couldn't make as she had to work.  IT was so fun having everyone all together.

Ashlee opening gifts!  The kids were very interested!

Andrea (Director of Faithbuilders) was also there with her daughter.  There was also another lady and her daughter there - Trish & Hailey - but I didn't get their picture!  They are the family with whom Marisca lives.

Marisca & Kylee (Kylee is Ashlee's friend - clearly about to have her baby girl!)

Ashlee & her kids with me!  Elijah was NOT too happy about photos!

Ashlee with all of her kids and her mother (Her mother is deaf)

Ashlee & her family!

Ashlee blowing out her candles!   (They were sparklers so they didn't want to go out!!!)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Jack's Football 2016

I love football.  Its my very favorite sport. period.
Its so much fun to watch Jack play it!

There a lot of photos - but stayed tuned for the videos at the very end!  

Jack's freshman football team had a great season!  They were undefeated which was really fun to see!!  The boys really played well and it was a very exciting season!  

Jack played linebacker and fullback most of the time.  He also played some other positions  depending on the team and the game. 

He sees the runner....
Going in for the tackle
Almost through the line...
Got 'em
going down..

almost down...
end of story!!!

Ready for a pass
Here it comes...
got it!
Ready to run!

shedding the tackles!

At the bottom of the pile - in on another tackle!

below, he broke through the line just in time to jump up and get his hand on the ball, blocking the pass. 

another run!

This is one of the coach's sons, Tucker, I thought it was so cute how he was holding his helmet for him while he took a break!  

Sackin' the quarterback!

At the bottom again!

He sees the runner

He's going to make the tackle
or get the ball...
About to make the tackle...

He's going down...
He's down!

The undefeated Jaguar team!

my cute boy!

Jack & his good friend Ganan.

My boy & I

Some of his football freinds

Some of a touchdown and the other an illegal late hit!