Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why we want to adopt again.

I just read a very compelling article over at the website Moore to the Point which clearly articulates our belief that the orphans (abroad and in foster care) are our neighbors, and thus, we should care for them. Here is one of my favorite parts:
Yes, orphan care can be risky. Justice for the fatherless will sap far more from us than just the time it takes to advocate. These kids need to be reared, to be taught, to be hugged, to be heard. Children who have been traumatized often need more than we ever expect to give. It is easier to ignore those cries. But love of any kind is risky.

The Gospel means it’s worth it to love, even to the point of shedding your own blood. After all, that’s what made a family for ex-orphans like us.
I encourage you to read it, and think about what he has to say.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Habits

Why doesn't Addie like to eat in her high chair?

Because her daddy....

always lets her sit....

on his lap.....

and eat his food!

Politcal Barriers and Adoption

Unfortunately, the number of Korean babies needing permanent homes is growing, not diminishing. Obviously, having children stay in their country of birth is best and would represent less loss for children in need of adoptive homes, but unfortunately this is not always an option. In Korea, there is still significant prejudice against adoption, which has prevented many children from finding forever families in their native country.

Unfortunately, Korean laws have restricted the amount of children who can be adopted internationally in hopes that domestic adoption will grow. Each year the number of children who are permitted to be adopted internationally is cut, and although domestic adoption has increased, it still is not enough. This article exposes the need for more people to adopt Koreans orphans, and the need for their government to think more about the babies waiting for families, than the numbers published in newspapers.

How sad that a politician can say, “I’ve reduced the number of international adoptions,” and yet have an increased number of babies languishing in foster care waiting for families who are available, but not allowed to adopt them.

Click here to read this compelling article

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drew's 11!

My baby turned 11. It makes me a little sad that he's so big. He had a small party with a few friends, so here are some picutres of his special day. (I have no idea why he has no shirt. He had one on earlier - but clearly by the time we took pictures, it had disappeared.)

Addie playing with/shredding the envelopes.

Daddy & Addie.

His best friend gave him a "girl" birthday card...they all thought it was hilarious!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My little nephew - Owen


My other baby nephew - Airyn

Nick on Halloween - so excited!!

More cousins.

My little lady bug!