Sunday, June 11, 2017

Aliah's 2nd Birthday Party

We finally celebrated Aliah's 2nd Birthday yesterday!  We held it at a park since there are so many kids!  We wanted them all to be able to run around and have fun.  IT went so well!  It was so neat to see all the people who love her celebrating together.

Aliah was a big fan of the sandbox.

Here's Aliah with her mama Ashlee!  They were dressed to match!  I think Aliah has her sweet smile!

I got bubble for all the kids which is always a hit!

Aliah loved them!

We also had a pinata which was really fun!

Here is Alex hitting the pinata.

Alonzo took a turn (I love his big grin!)

Aliah opened some gifts! 

Some of the cousins just hanging out.

She loved her new bear!

Addison & Avery were being silly!

Jack clearly didn't want his picture taken.

Alonzo & Grandpa.

She LOVED the cupcakes!

...especially the icing.

All the kids!  (...and we even had about 5 cousins missing!)

Elijah lovin' his cupcake!

Below are some videos of the festivities!  Happy birthday sweet girl!  You are SO loved!


Dance Recital - 2017

 The girls had their dance recital last weekend.  They had a wonderful time and it was fun seeing all the beautiful dances and costumes.  They worked very hard and it was fun to see all their hard work produce a great show!  

Here is Addison in her ballet tutu.  Ballet is my favorite!

 My two ballerinas.


 Addison with her good friend Emme in their tap costumes!

 Avery's class with Miss. Sydney.  She retired this year and we will miss her!  She was truly a genius with little dancers!


 Avery was a bunny for her tap number.



 pretty girl!

 Miss Sydney encouraging the dancers before their performance.

 Backstage at the second performance.

 coloring ballerinas

 Addison in the wings waiting to go on stage for her tap number.

 All ready for tap!

 Waiting backstage.

Below are a couple of the girls' dances.