Saturday, August 16, 2014

Off to College!

 Nick left for college Saturday morning so Friday he spent some time with his friends.  Here he is with his long-time friend Austin.

 Nick also spent Friday packing.  Here is his huge pile of stuff he gathered to take to college.

Here is his room - clean - that's how you know he isn't living there!!! 

 Oh wait!!  Here is my boy...being completely ridiculous!  

 More ridiculousness!

 Can you tell he is excited to go?!?!

 This was the scene Saturday morning as we loaded up the vehicles with all of his belongings.  

 A lot of stuff!

 Here we are in Nick's dorm.  Drew was not really into unpacking so he just  plopped down on the coach in the dorm living room.  The dorm is very nice.  there are four boys who will live there.  Each boys gets their own room.  The four of them share a living room, kitchenette, and bathroom area.

 Jack helped by putting together several items including a sweeper I doubt Nick will ever use!!

 Here is the kitchenette area which is located off the living room area.

 Here is the hall where the four bedrooms are located.

 Here is the double sink/mirror area the boys share.  The shower is that door on the left and the toilet is the door to the left.  It a really nice set-up.  

 Here is Nicks room.  It was small but he had enough space for all his stuff...which surprised me!!!

When we walked into the dorm, Nick's name was on his door!  I loved that! 

 Here he is in his room with all his stuff arranged and organized.  He was even able to get a mini-fridge & coffee pot in there!   I think it looks good!

This is the last picture I took before we said good bye.  He is so excited and ready...but I have to admit, this momma's a little sad!  I will definitely miss my boy but I'm so proud of him!

First day of School - 2014

This week my kiddos started school.  here is Addie son her first day of kindergarten!  She was completely ready 

 Can you tell she's ready?!?!

 Jack started 7th grade...He didn't want his picture taken at ALL!!

 Avery started a new daycare/preschool.  She loved it too by the way!

 She's so silly!

 My Drew started high school!!!  Yep!  He's in 9th grade!!!

More photos of my boys!  Luv these boys!

Nick is not picutred because he's off to college....that post is next!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

family photos

Nick leaves to go away for college so I decided it was high time for some nice family here they are!  I was so Happy about ho they turned out.  This one above is my favorite one of the kids.  Enjoy!!!

 My favorite one of the whole family!

 My favorite one of the girls!

 Love these two of the girls!