Sunday, September 28, 2014

Parent Weekend!

 This past weekend was family weekend at Nick's College so we drove down and spent the entire weekend there.  It was SO nice to see my boy!  I miss him SO much.  He is in the Army ROTC program and they do a lot at the football games so he had to wear his uniform to the game.  I get chocked up every time I see him in it.  

 I had NO idea but clearly tailgating before the game is a HUGE deal.  Everywhere we looked there were tents, grills, and people tailgating.  It was impressive and the pictures don't' do it justice. 

 Here is the stadium.  

 A picture of the field.  In the upper right-hand corner of the picture is the Army ROTC kids.  They shoot off a canon when they score and the recruits do push-ups.  Its really neat how the ROTC program is so involved in the games.

 The band.

 The guy in the black greeting the players is John Brown (#12) who is now a Wide Receiver for the
Arizona Cardinals!  He came to visit his Alma mater and talk with all the players.  It was neat he made the visit!

 As the players ran onto the field, some continued into the end zone, knelt down and prayed.  I really liked the open show of faith by many of the players.

 Here is Gus the Gorilla - the Mascot.  he was throwing little football is into the crowd.

On Sunday, Nick took us to the church he attends and then we went out to lunch.  I loved seeing my boy, but I still cry when I tell him good bye.  I'm not sure that will ever change, but I'm SO proud of him and I'm thrilled to be his mother.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Avery turns 4!


Avery had her fourth birthday party this past Sunday, which was September7th.  Not only is this my older brother's birthday, but it also the day we first got Avery!  Two years ago toady, we saw her and help her for the very first time. I know this time is very bittersweet for her foster family who loved her SO much and we are forever indebted to them for the was they loved and spoiled our baby girl. 

this video above shows the first very first time we actually saw Avery.  

Here are some more pictures of that special day two years ago....
Here's our first glimpse of our sweet girl!

 Here is Avery's entire foster family...grandson, foster mom along with foster brother, aunt & uncle.  It was very special to be able to meet them all.  We are so grateful to them...and Avery prays for her foster mom every single night. If I forget, she reminds me!

My poor baby...I was so glad to have her in my arms...but i know she was struggling. 

Back to her birthday two years later!!  She is such an intense, emotional girl! you can really see that in these pictures!!!  She could hardly contain herself
She loves Disney hence the cake!

She can't wait!

Pure joy!

Bubbling over!!!

She was thrilled as we sang to her!

Then the intense blowing out of her candles.  Very intense!!!

This girl doesn't half do anything...except cleaning up her room!


opening gifts with her Daddy!

She is in gymnastics and just LOVES leotards!

Her cousins & sister

Avery and all her "little" cousins!  The bigger ones didn't want to be in the picture.
Happy birthday sweet girl!  We are SO blessed to have you in our lives and get to parent you.  We love you and you make our lives so full and fun!

Here is Avery talking about her birthday while playing with her new tea set from grandma!