Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Morning

 Santa came with gifts for all!  Here is the scene before the kiddos woke up.

 Santa ate his cookie and drank his milk!  He always makes a mess.

 We started by opening our stockings.  Here's Nick helping Avery open her candy cane full of M&Ms.

 Opening all the little gifts from the stockings.

 Avery waiting to open her Santa gift

Addison opening the doll she got from Santa. 

 They loved the snowflake glasses.

 Addie got several book sets.  They were her favorite gifts.

Bad picture - but Drew got a sweater.  We had a great Christmas morning & day.  

Christmas Eve Service

We always get all dressed up and attend the Christmas Eve Church service with family.  Here are the girls in their beautiful Christmas dresses,

 Here are the girls with the baby.  We were so happy she got to spend Christmas eve with her!  
It was a real treat!  

We were trying to get her to smile.  She's adorable regardless.

 Here we go!  All smiles all around!  Sweet, pretty girls!

 Here are all the kids!  I love it when they're all dressed up and looking nice!

And us,..  
We're so thankful for all God has given us...especially His Son Jesus.

Santa & Christmas lights

 A couple days before Christmas Nick & took the girls to a local gardens which decorates its grounds using thousands and thousands of lights for the Christmas season.  Here are some of the photos from that evening.  It was really fun!

Heres the baby!  She loved all the,lights!  (Maybe she loved chewing on her toys better?!) 

 All three girls in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

 It was a little chilly so the girls warned their hands in front of the little chimineas.

 The baby was fascinated with the fire in the little chimineas.

I did finally get Nick to pose for a picture.  He was thrilled!
The girls waiting to see Santa.   

 There was quite a line for Santa but the backdrops were very pretty.

 Nick was holding the baby While I took pictures of the girls.

 Addie told Santa she wanted a doll.

 Avery had A LOT of requests.  Here she is saying hummm....

She started rattling off a lengthy list ... I actually had to tell her had asked for enough!  

 More discussions...

 Sweet smiles.

 The baby got to visit Santa too!  She wasn't at all afraid!

 I just missed her sweet smiled!  (Dang it!)

She really liked Santa's beard!  It was a great evening.