Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Addie woke up to an Easter basket with sunglasses, a ball, and some candy.
 The boys and their baskets
 Addie eating her M&Ms..she loves them!
 My kiddos!

 She was giggling as we took her picture
 Addison and her Daddy.

 My brother, Larissa, and their kids.
 The kids and their cousins
 Later that day, we had our annual Easter egg hunt.  There is stiff competition for all those eggs.
 The older boys were way too cool for the Easter egg hunt
 Jack looking for eggs.
 Addison found one too!
 Addison was crawling to find eggs.
 Lookin' for eggs.
 Addison and her cousin Alyssa.
 Sorting the loot.
The cousins and kids.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Corinne turns 4!!!

Baby Airyn...10 months old
Drew, just hanging out.
It appears as though Nick is scared...but why?
Cornne loves her umbrella!! Thanks Grandma.
Cecelia wasn't in the mood to pose!
Corinne opening her soccer ball.
Jack & Addie
Little Dude...chillin' in his rocker.
My cute.
Again...Cecelia was not posing well. Still cute though!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big-girl Bed!!!

Well, we took down the crib and set up Addie's big-girl bed.
(Which I bought a garage sale and re-painted!!!! Ya gotta love that!)
Here she is cheesin' in her bed.
She seems to love it! Lets hope she actually sleeps!
Drew & his sister.
Such a big girl!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

A year ago today...

...we were given our beautiful daughter and she became ours for good! I was so overwhelmed with emotions; joy, grief, happiness, and fear.

April 1st, Seoul Korea. Addison with her wonderful foster mother.

Just left the arms of her foster mother and is on the way back to the hotel.
playing timidly at the hotel

April 2: arriving home....lots of people!

May 1st: she turns 1! The beautiful hanbok dress was a gift from her foster mother.

June - sporting a new dress (with chocolate ice cream on it)

The 4th of July

August - a gift from her foster mother!

September - at a football game

October - at the pumpkin patch

Trick-or-treating with her cousin Owem

November - sleeping soundly

December - getting our Christmas tree

We finalize!!! She is legally ours!!!


January - with gifts from her foster mother

February - in Daddy's shoes

March - at Great Wolf Lodge!!

My how quickly a year has gone. We are blessed beyond measure. To God be the glory.