Saturday, December 24, 2016

Decorating the Gingerbread House

The girls wanted to decorate a gingerbread house so I, being so creative, bought a kit, and decided I could maybe help with this project!

The first steps of the project.

Working on the roof.

Decorating the windows.

Concentration. Its a big job!

Great teamwork.

Notice, Avery is licking her finger.  She actually ate most of the time - sneaking bites, licks of frosting, and popping pieces of candy into her mouth at every turn!

Addison took the decorating quite seriously.  (unlike her sister)

Notice, Avery grinning in the background, and Addison concentrating on each and every decoration.

Frustration with Avery.  She's not taking this seriously.  

Discussing the overall plan.

Licking the icing.

This pretty much sums Avery's contribution perfectly.

Getting close to being finished!

All done!!!  Perfect!!!

A great team!

Santa & Lights

I took the girls to Botanica to all their Christmas lights and to visit Santa.  Aliah clearly wasn't really "into" Santa.  and was pretty much ready to get off his lap immediately.

 Here are the girls posing on one of the lit pathways with all the trees in the background.

 Waiting by the snowy tree and giant candy canes while waiting to see Santa.

 Aliah was running all over the place!

 Climbing on everything.

 Addison chatting with Santa about what she wanted him to bring her.

 Avery talking to Santa,  

 Aliah - not really liking poor Santa.  Her expression says it all!!

She warmed up a tiny little bit.  

 Posing with a reindeer!  

We love Botanica at Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

I had a little help decorating the tree this year.  They were fantastic!  (And cute!)

This little helper thought thought the Christmas tree bulbs 
were balls.  :)

We decided to put the nice glass ornaments on the top part of the tree and the cheaper, non-breakable ones on the bottom part.  So our tree won't win any award - but its still very pretty.  

She was so helpful that I put her in her high chair to play with the Christmas puppy.

We had a little dancing...on chairs.  

We carefully placed the "peace" stocking holders in order.

...more dancing.

Put littlest helper needed some dinner.  As you can see, she didn't want to wear her shirt that evening.

Out tubs of Christmas decorations...its a little ridiculous.

Cutie Pie.

More decorating!!!

Once we got it all finished and we tried to take a picture.  You'll see how that went.  (Photo evidence)

She wasn't feeling the picture thing.

No, she was not into taking a picture.  not. at. all.


She escaped!!! (and shes mad we tried to detain her!!)

Well, we got at least two of my girlies in the picture!!!

(Christmas tree update - most of the bulbs have been moved up due to low-level interference so the bottom of my tree is now, basically, bald)