Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Travel Call!!!!!

This morning at 10:54am, I got that precious call from Holt!!!  We are ready to go get our baby girl!!!  YAY!!!  Our proposed travel dates are September 4-11 (We are not able to travel in August although Holt wanted us to!!) We are awaiting approval of those dates from Holt Korea.  We should know tomorrow if that will work!!  I'm SO excited!!  After almost 16 months waiting to travel....the end is in sight and the end has a date!!!  Praise God!!!!  YAY!!!!!!

Were coming baby girl!!!  We can't wait!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Health Care

Ok, so I NEVER, EVER post ANYTHING related to politics because I just hate the entire political realm.  I mean, I get so frustrated I seriously don’t want to vote half the time (I will vote!  I always do, but you get my irritation) but I’ve been super frustrated about our insurance this year. 

Let me describe:  We pay just under $600 in monthly premiums for two insurance plans (one for me and one for Mark and the kids) I had surgery in June and the insurance company paid some of it but most of it was “written off” while I paid the $2000 deductible.   I actually didn’t think that was too bad considering the surgery and care I had.  It was superior!  But I still carried as much cost as the insurance company when it was all said and done.

Mark wrecked his ATV (Don’t freak out mom…he’s ok!!!)  and was taken by ambulance to the ER.  He was there for 2 ½ hours, was given and IV, had a CT scan and was sent home.  He was perfectly fine – well, he had a concussion and was really sore, but nothing serious) That little visit cost $21,328.70.  Yes, that’s right - $21,328.70!!!  That’s about $7500 per hour!!!  and this doesn’t include the ambulance!  The insurance will most likely get to “write off” most of that while were stuck paying a $5000 deductible. 

So let’s do some math here:  We pay about $7,200 a year in monthly premiums, and also are paying at least $7,000 in deductibles (this doesn’t include the 80/20 payments or co-pays either so it WILL be more out of pocket costs for us) That’s a whopping $14,200 in insurance/medical that we will pay…and we’ll pay more once we play the 80/20 game with insurance. 

Ok, before I post my thoughts, please know, I’m fiercely pro-life, love God, vote republican…most of the time, go to church every Sunday, am a member of a Baptist church, read the Bible, listen to Ravi Zacharias, Piper, and other great preachers…even some with a Calvinistic/reformed bent…so I’m not some left-wing liberal masquerading as a “conservative.”    Ok… so here’s my thoughts/questions about socialized medicine:

First of all we already have a semi-socialized system.  Medicare & Medicaid are socialized medicine, so if you’re enjoying either program, you’re benefitting from socialized medicine.  We also allow anyone who walks into an emergency room and get the care they need.  It’s against the law to turn them away.  This law was put into effect by Ronald Reagan, a Republican, in 1986 and it is a form of socialized medicine only the government doesn’t pay for it…I do!  That’s why my bill is $21,000!  

Ok, so when I watch CNN I hear stories of people in the US who can’t afford health care and can’t get the surgeries they need because they have no insurance and no doctor will take them.  I believe this does happen.  I didn’t have insurance when I was first married and believe me, no doctors would care for me or take me as a patient and they were VERY rude about it too.   When I watch Fox News I hear about the Canadians and how they’re turned away and dying because they can’t get in to see a doctor.  I’m sure this happens too.  So we both have the same problem.  Some people aren’t covered and can’t get the care they need.  I could, at this point, diverge and rant about how our media (both CNN & Fox) are completely biased and promoting propaganda to support their political bents, but I will refrain.  I want the truth...not propaganda.

Here’s my complaint:  Insurance is running our healthcare.  They are getting VERY rich while I pay all the bills.  The costs for the individual are immense!  I mean how do high monthly premiums have to climb before our family can’t afford to have insurance?  More and more Americans WILL be un-insured as the costs skyrocket, so this is a serious problem.  I don’t know that socialized medicine is the answer but honestly, the Canadians, as a whole don’t seem to envy us Americans, and most of them seem quite happy with their health care. (Despite what I’ve been told repeatedly)

While in the Dominican Republic, the Canadians we spoke to loved their healthcare and couldn’t believe what we paid for our insurance!  They were stunned!  The Germans we spoke to raved about their superior health care system and told us we were misled if we think our system is better.  Now, I don’t think these few people represent ALL Canadians and Germans, but seriously...it wasn’t the dismal view I’ve heard about. To be frank, Mark and I were quite surprised to hear this viewpoint.

I read the following article written by Tim Challies.  He is a preacher in the Toronto area.  He is a solid, biblical, Calvinistic/reformed preacher, who I love to read.  He is everything my dad loves; biblical, strong, to-the point, and passionate for God and His glory!  And yet, listen to him reflect on Canadian health care in the attached blog post.  It was quite eye-opening – especially the part about Americans crossing the border into Canada to get health care…WOW!! I’ve never heard this perspective on any network! 

Anyway, read it and reflect.  It’s at least, a different perspective from someone who is Biblical in his life and beliefs.  Comments are welcome.  But please, make sure they’re kind.  I’m not looking for anger or propaganda from the right or the left -  Just ideas and truth that I can mull over.  Thanks in advance for your kindness & patience.

Here’s the blog link – PLEASE READ IT!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ready for a toddler!

 So I've had this adorable crib in Addison's room with  he intent of having Avery sleep in it.  With her being SO much older than we anticipated, (22 months) we decided to switch her to a bed.  I found white bunk beds at a garage sale that separate to make two twin beds.  I put those in the girl's room, so they each have a bed now!  Jack & Drew took the crib apart! 

Here are some photos of the process!

Drew taking the screws out. 

 They are SO thrilled about this!

The crib is taken apart, and the beds are being brought in!

 The crib is FINALLY apart! 

 The girls now have matching beds!

They also have their own backpacks! 

Addison wanted to pose for a picture!  Here she is doing her karate move!! 
We are ready for you Avery!!!  We jsut need that Travel Call!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Avery has a VISA!!! (well, she will tomorrow!)

So I've been calling the National Visa Center in Washington DC every single morning at 7:30 to find out if Avery's Visa has been issued, if they've received the packet from Holt, if Avery has had her Embassy Appearance etc...  Every morning they say,

"No, we don't have anything.  Her packet hasn't even been returned yet."
"Oh well...I'll call tomorrow," I think.

So this morning I told my husband that I ahd a very good feeling that all of her "stuff" was there and we were going to get some really good news.  He thought it was simply wishful thinking and kept drinking his coffee.  So I called at 7:33.  (I gave them three minutes to get up and running)
The lady immediately siad, "OOOHH, she is adorable!" (Which means her packet is back because they see her picture!!) She then said, "Yes she is beautiful and she is scheduled for her Visa Interview tomorrow! Congrats!" 

I flipped out!!!  I may have accidently hung up on her!  Yikes! 

Avery will have her Visa tomorrow!!!  Which means...she's ready for travel tomorrow!  Last time we received our travel call the same day we had the Visa Interview...we will see this time!  I'm so so so excited!

 I've been a maniac today!  YAY!!!!!  Were FINALLY so so so close!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

EP APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After only 13 days, Korea has apporved Avery's Emigration Permit!!!  It normally takes 4-5 weeks so I'm BEYOND stunned!!!!!! We are traveling in 2-6 weeks!!  I'm actually going to get my baby!!!!  I'm crying I'm so happy!!!!  YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!

I'm so stunned!!! 

This is really going to happen!!!!!