Monday, July 16, 2012

Avery has a VISA!!! (well, she will tomorrow!)

So I've been calling the National Visa Center in Washington DC every single morning at 7:30 to find out if Avery's Visa has been issued, if they've received the packet from Holt, if Avery has had her Embassy Appearance etc...  Every morning they say,

"No, we don't have anything.  Her packet hasn't even been returned yet."
"Oh well...I'll call tomorrow," I think.

So this morning I told my husband that I ahd a very good feeling that all of her "stuff" was there and we were going to get some really good news.  He thought it was simply wishful thinking and kept drinking his coffee.  So I called at 7:33.  (I gave them three minutes to get up and running)
The lady immediately siad, "OOOHH, she is adorable!" (Which means her packet is back because they see her picture!!) She then said, "Yes she is beautiful and she is scheduled for her Visa Interview tomorrow! Congrats!" 

I flipped out!!!  I may have accidently hung up on her!  Yikes! 

Avery will have her Visa tomorrow!!!  Which means...she's ready for travel tomorrow!  Last time we received our travel call the same day we had the Visa Interview...we will see this time!  I'm so so so excited!

 I've been a maniac today!  YAY!!!!!  Were FINALLY so so so close!!!!