Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th of July - Independence Day!

My oldest son and his friends decided to dress in the hideous shirts to represent their 4th of July spirit.  I was clearly not involved otherwise I would have steered them away from these horrible things!  That what 17 year olds do though!!!
Avery loved running through the smoke bombs. 
 Oh a note about 4th of July, we live in a county with very, very liberal fireworks laws, so we can buy pretty much any firework we want and shoot them off in our neighborhood.  Many people will come from surrounding areas to our city to shoot fireworks so its complete chaos every fourth of July.  I'm not kidding when I say its a war zone - but its so much fun!!  The girls weren't scared one bit!! They love it; as you'll see from the pictures!!!
Avery with a popper!
Nick, thinking about what to light next!!
Addie with her Daddy & Grandpa (Her grandpa -Mark's Dad- thinks we got the cutest two Koreans EVER!  He can't ge over how adorable they are!  He absolutely loves them!
Addie - delightedly running!  :)
Avery thought she hurt her finger - she didn't!
Addie watching the big fireworks get blown up in the street!
Avery was thrilled she was able to drink some pop!
The boys!
Avery loved the little finger flashlights Dad bought them! 
Sparklers!  The girl's favorite!!
Addie and her sparkler! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Swimming Lessons

This is my sweet Addison.  She likes the pool - but she doesn't like getting her face, hair, or upper body wet.  So actually, she only likes to dabble in the pool water while posing for cute pictures as seen below!  (She is adorable!)

Aver loves the water!  She likes to splash and isn't really phased by water touching her face or hair.  she's good out of the pool, dabbling in the pool, or jumping right in!  (Isn't she cute!)
(This photo of Drew has nothing to do with this post, but I managed to catch a "good" photo of him so here is my middle son.  So thrilled!
In the following photos you'll see Addison at swimming lessons.  She didn't want to go.  She doesn't like them at all.  She hates that she has to get her face wet.  She hates going under.  She hates that I won't rescue her.  She hates the fact that she is a bit cold.  Overall, its a terribly unpleasant experience for her.  In my mind, this will pass and she will learn to love it.  Our family swims - thus, she will swim too. Period.   Note the faces I see every time we go!
"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Really, she can't even help me out?!"

"Please save me mother!"

"I can't believe you let me suffer throught that!"  (This expression is priceless!!)
Hopefully I can post some "happy" swim lesson pictures before the summer ends!!  :)
The videos below show that despite her dislike for swimming lessons, she is doing well and learning a ton!  I was actually shocked she was doing so much! 

Summer: Baseball & Swimming

 Summers usually consist of baseball & swimming.  Jack is the only boy left playing baseball - the other two dropped it is prior years.  He is the catcher for his team and he loves that position.  Here's a photo of him throwing to second base.  I love this shot!
 Ready to catch!!
 This is a picture of his team after they won a game at the last tournament.
 Not only are we at quite a few baseball games, we like to spend many hot summer days at the pool!
Here are the girls swimming.  The boys swim too but its hard to get a picture of them because they're always running away or in the water!
 Addie is a bit scared of the water, but Avery really likes it!  She's not afraid to be splashed or get wet!  The photo above shows her splashing!
 Addison is quite timid in the water.  Here she is clinging to the side so she doesn't get her hair wet!
 Here is Addie with her cousin Alyssa.  She loves Alyssa!
 Sweet Avery - smiling away!!
 Here's Addison with her friend Corah.  They love to swim together!
 Here we are having a pool picnic - probably their favorite part of swimming!
Addison & Avery in a big tube floating around in the pool! 
We are loving our summer!  :)