Friday, June 14, 2013

Random stuff

Avery - drinking a mocha....she loved it!  I really love her smile in this picture!  She looks like she's up to no good!!!

Jack had a project at school where he needed to dress up like Abraham Lincoln and give a speech.  This is him, dressed up like Lincoln!  So cute!

More cuteness

This is a picture of the baby dedication at our church.  We dedicated Avery. 

Here's just a silly photo of Nick wearing a big wig...hilarious!!

This is Avery pouting...I can't remember why.
Below is video of Nick's chior singing a beautiful song based on John 1 in the Bible.  It was so gorgeous!  I had to post and brag a little bit! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Addison's Dance "Recital"

Costume #1
Adies had her "dance recital" a couple weeks ago.  It wasn't really a dance recital so to speak, they just had regular class, but allowed the girls to choose costumes to dance in.  They also each received a tiara and a little blush to make them look beautiful!  Then they just did their normal class routine.  Parents sat along the side of the room and watched the mass chaos of pink flittering about the room!  It was quite cute!  Here are some pictures of the cosutmes she chose and her dancing!  It was so cute!

Costume #2

Costume #3

She LOVES dance and was very sad that it was over for the summer!  I'll have to coach her on her outfit choices though!!  The ones she chose were crazy!!!  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Wedding!

 My littel brother, who is not little (he's 26 yrs old) got married over memorial weekend to the sweetest girl - Sara.  My boys were ushers and my two nieces were flower girls.
 Here are all the grandkids...we really struggeld to get them - Avery in particular - to pose.  This wedding happened during their nap so Avery was quite tired and a bit contrary.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my handsome boys!  They're so good looking!!   I need to print this one off and frame it!!
 Avery just hagning out and sucking on those two fingers!
 Here is my brother and his wife!  I lvoe this photo too!
 Avery finally gives up and lays down on the floor!  She's just gonna sleep right there!
 This is my niece Cecelia.  She is adorable!
 Airyn didn't want to have his photo taken so I had to catch him!!  I managed a snapshot as he hid between his dad's legs.
 Here's Corinne...such pretty blue eyes!
 Drew was bored so he played with his phone.  Boys aren't too keen on weddings.
 Avery...swinging on Dad's arm.
 Mt brother & his new wife!
 Jacker...I  LOVE this photo too!  Its hard to catch him smiling.
 Drew...I have no idea what he's doing.
 Mark wouldn't smile.  Maybe they were sick of my photography.
 Yep, they're sick of my pictures!
 Airyn...again...not really letting me get a good a good shot! 
 My very handsome older brother! 
 Great cake!!
My brother and new sister-in-law

Random blog post

 The past month has been super busy, so here's a snapshot of what we've been doing! 
Nick was in a  musical and here are a couple of photos of him after his performance! 
They did a great job! 

 Here's Nick studying for his finals!   He did a great job!  He will start his last year of high school in the fall!  I can't believe it!!
 Addie was getting a puggy-back ride on her brother
 A cute close-up of Avery!
 Nick got his braces off!  Nice straight teeth!  (expensive teeth!!)
 I took the girls to the library...Avery wouldnt' pose for a picture but Addie did!!
 Jack finished 5th grade and will start a new adventure in middle school next year!  I have no more kiddos in elementtary anymore! 
 My little brother got married!!!  I have more photos of this, but I'll put them in anothre post!
 Here they are just after being announced "man & wife"  YAY!
 Mark & I went to Las Vegas for a short trip. 
This beautiful pool was my favortie place to hang out in Vegas! 
More posts (about the wedding, and Addie's dance recital) to come soon!!
Summer is FINALLY here!