Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random blog post

 The past month has been super busy, so here's a snapshot of what we've been doing! 
Nick was in a  musical and here are a couple of photos of him after his performance! 
They did a great job! 

 Here's Nick studying for his finals!   He did a great job!  He will start his last year of high school in the fall!  I can't believe it!!
 Addie was getting a puggy-back ride on her brother
 A cute close-up of Avery!
 Nick got his braces off!  Nice straight teeth!  (expensive teeth!!)
 I took the girls to the library...Avery wouldnt' pose for a picture but Addie did!!
 Jack finished 5th grade and will start a new adventure in middle school next year!  I have no more kiddos in elementtary anymore! 
 My little brother got married!!!  I have more photos of this, but I'll put them in anothre post!
 Here they are just after being announced "man & wife"  YAY!
 Mark & I went to Las Vegas for a short trip. 
This beautiful pool was my favortie place to hang out in Vegas! 
More posts (about the wedding, and Addie's dance recital) to come soon!!
Summer is FINALLY here!

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