Friday, June 7, 2013

Addison's Dance "Recital"

Costume #1
Adies had her "dance recital" a couple weeks ago.  It wasn't really a dance recital so to speak, they just had regular class, but allowed the girls to choose costumes to dance in.  They also each received a tiara and a little blush to make them look beautiful!  Then they just did their normal class routine.  Parents sat along the side of the room and watched the mass chaos of pink flittering about the room!  It was quite cute!  Here are some pictures of the cosutmes she chose and her dancing!  It was so cute!

Costume #2

Costume #3

She LOVES dance and was very sad that it was over for the summer!  I'll have to coach her on her outfit choices though!!  The ones she chose were crazy!!!  

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