Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Wedding!

 My littel brother, who is not little (he's 26 yrs old) got married over memorial weekend to the sweetest girl - Sara.  My boys were ushers and my two nieces were flower girls.
 Here are all the grandkids...we really struggeld to get them - Avery in particular - to pose.  This wedding happened during their nap so Avery was quite tired and a bit contrary.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my handsome boys!  They're so good looking!!   I need to print this one off and frame it!!
 Avery just hagning out and sucking on those two fingers!
 Here is my brother and his wife!  I lvoe this photo too!
 Avery finally gives up and lays down on the floor!  She's just gonna sleep right there!
 This is my niece Cecelia.  She is adorable!
 Airyn didn't want to have his photo taken so I had to catch him!!  I managed a snapshot as he hid between his dad's legs.
 Here's Corinne...such pretty blue eyes!
 Drew was bored so he played with his phone.  Boys aren't too keen on weddings.
 Avery...swinging on Dad's arm.
 Mt brother & his new wife!
 Jacker...I  LOVE this photo too!  Its hard to catch him smiling.
 Drew...I have no idea what he's doing.
 Mark wouldn't smile.  Maybe they were sick of my photography.
 Yep, they're sick of my pictures!
 Airyn...again...not really letting me get a good a good shot! 
 My very handsome older brother! 
 Great cake!!
My brother and new sister-in-law

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  1. Your Dad and I are now empty nesters with empty pockets, but we have three great children, and eight perfect grandchildren. Every $ spent on any of you was well worth it.