Thursday, July 27, 2017

Baseball Season 2017

Jack just finished his summer baseball season.  He played for the Arsenal Stars and was primarily their catcher.  He did play a little first base and of course he hit.  Overall he had a good season.

 Here he is warming up before his game.

 The girls went to a most of the games.  They learned how to set up their little hang-out in the shade.  They had their chairs, blanket, and cooler.  They would snack and eat ice throughout the games and try to stay cool.

 Avery eating ice.

 Aliah helping herself to some water.

 Here's Jack catching.  Hes the cutest catcher ever!  

 My cute boy batting.

I enjoy watching my boy play...even though its not my favorite sport - he makes it good!  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

4th of July

We really enjoy the 4th of July.  We always go over to our friends' house and blow up tons of fireworks and grill.  Its been a family tradition forever!  This year Jack & Drew were with their friends but the rest of our family was here to celebrate.  Here are some photos of our fun time!

Mt pretty girls - Their cousin Alyssa did their hair and makeup so they'd be extra pretty for all the festivities!

Aliah wasn't scared at all!

Smoke bombs!

Mark always selects a super tacky fourth of July t-shirt to wear.  I think this one may the worst.  

Beautiful Avery!

Cutie pie!

Nick & Amber

Eating all the good food!  There are always so many wonderful side dishes you almost don't need to grilled hot dogs & grilled burgers!

the video below was shot with Mark's drone.  Its not as clear as the original footage because it was shared from YouTube.  Its really cool!