Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve Church

 Here are the girls in their Christmas Eve dresses.  We went to church with Mark's family this year.  Don't they look pretty!  

 They were SO happy!  (and beautiful)

 Addison has arrived people!  Take notice!

Posing for her photos!

 He did NOT want his picture taken AT all!!!

 My kiddos!  I love them!

 good - looking kids!

Nick just chilling before the service!  This is the best picture I could manage to take!

Decorating for Christmas

 I'm a little behind on my posts...and for that I'm sorry!  Here are photos of the girls helping me decorate the Christmas tree.  They LOVED it!!! They couldn't get enough of decorating!  It was SO cute watching them get so excited!  I'm sad Christmas is over!  They made it magical!

 Avery was a big helper!

 Addison was thrilled with the sparkly ornaments...

 ...as was Avery!  

 The girls had to take a little break and put on their pretty dress up outfits.

 My sweet girls.

 So cute.  Such great helpers!

 After we were done, the girls reclined and played with little, toy nativity and read our Christmas books.  they were a bit tired after all their decorating.

 Here's our final product.  It was beautiful.

 "Peace on Earth good will towards men."  

 We had a little snow and Mark took the girls sledding.

 She could barely reach it but she sure tried!

We had a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.  We hope you did too.