Sunday, September 27, 2015

Parent Weekend with Nick

We were able to visit Nick during Parent weekend at his college.  We enjoyed meeting his roommate's family and tailgating with them before the big football game.  There is a lot of tradition surrounding the football games at his college.  First off, everyone tailgates which is very fun!  Secondly, the team walks from the practice facility through the tailgaters to the stadium and all the fans will high five them.  The picture above is of that event.  Guss the Gorrilla is the mascot.  (That's not my hand - but
I appreciate the team spirit represented there!  

 Here we are! The girls stayed with the grandparents while Jack and went to visit.  (Drew was at a soccer tournament all weekend)  Nick needs to be in uniform because the ROTC guys shoot off a canon and do push-ups when the football team scores.  

 Here's the stadium.  

The team before the game.  

We had a great weekend!  We really enjoyed seeing Nick!  I miss him but he's doing great and loving college!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Soccer with Drew

  This is Drew's second year playing high school soccer.  He really, really loves it and has grown as a player.  Its been fun to see him embrace and love this sport!  He plays defensive back.

 Here he is a little tired and after chasing someone down.

 I love #10!

 Running after the play.

 This is my very favorite picture!


 This is Dane.  Drew and him are the starting d-backs.  They work very well together!  Its fun to see them play together!

 Dribbling the ball down field

 A little collision.


 Of course I had to get a couple shots of the girls.  I can't believe how big Avery has gotten!  I kind of hit me when I saw this photo of her!

And then there's Addison, always posing!!!