Saturday, September 26, 2015

Soccer with Drew

  This is Drew's second year playing high school soccer.  He really, really loves it and has grown as a player.  Its been fun to see him embrace and love this sport!  He plays defensive back.

 Here he is a little tired and after chasing someone down.

 I love #10!

 Running after the play.

 This is my very favorite picture!


 This is Dane.  Drew and him are the starting d-backs.  They work very well together!  Its fun to see them play together!

 Dribbling the ball down field

 A little collision.


 Of course I had to get a couple shots of the girls.  I can't believe how big Avery has gotten!  I kind of hit me when I saw this photo of her!

And then there's Addison, always posing!!!   

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