Sunday, August 30, 2015

back to school madness!

So the fall, back to school madness is in full swing!  With 5 kids in 5 different places, its VERY busy!!

Addison started first grade at The Classical School.  This was her meet your teacher event before school started.  She dropped off her supplies, found her desk, and met her teacher, Mrs. Molen.

 Her desk!  I love that her class only has 13 kids in it!!!  

 Drew started 10th grade this year.  And yes, he is officially taller than me!

 My handsome boy.

 This photo cracks me up!!!  I believe this photo accurately represents how Jack really felt about school starting!!  (Not thrilled - but football season makes it worth it for him!)

 Here are some better pics of my 8th grader.

 He too is taller than me!  

 Avery started Pre-K.  It was pouring rain on her first day, so we took indoor pictures.

 She wanted to wear this yellow skirt outfit - she is very concerned with her outfits, which causes MANY conflicts, so I often just go with whatever she wants but this one was on of my favorites.

 Her sparkly pink backpack!

 Addison on her first day of first grade!

It was very cold the first day, which is weird, so she dug out the sweater I thought we wouldn't need until October!

 Avery's Pre-K had a back to school party and the girls wanted to get their faces painted!

My cuties!  Off to a great start and an eventful year!

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