Sunday, December 23, 2012

She's Ours!!

On Friday, December 21st, we went to court where our adoption of Avery became legal!  We were so excited!  Here's a picture of all the kids in the courthouse.

We tried to get a couple good pictures....this one wasn't on of them!

Avery was running around and in a great mood!
Here is our sweety waiting for the judge to come!

My sweet Addie and Nick

Here is Avery...again she was just so happy!!  Its like she knew we were finalizing and she'd be ours forever!

More happiness!!

Adorable boy!!

More smiles!!
Here is photo with all of us and the judge....way in the back!!!  She is offically ours!  We are so blessed to have her in our lives!!!
Here are some random videos.  I wasn't really able to get any great video, but I know how the foster families like to see the girls in videos!  Here they are!  We thank God for you and wish you a very Merry Christmas!! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Program

 Addie was finally old enough to sing in front of the chruch this year.  I bought her a pretty Christmas outfit and her and Avery dressed up for the occasion!  She was SO excited. 
 Here they are posing in front of the Christmas tree.  Notice they both have their hands on their hips?!?! Addie taught Avery that sassy move!
 Sweet sisters!

 A little hug!
 Avery finally hugged her back!
 Here is Addie singing in front of the church,  The preschool group only sang two songs, but it was adorable!  She was blowing kisses to her Daddy before the performance!

 Here she is doing the motions that go with the song.  It was so cute and she ahd such great time!(unlike my boys who NEVER wanted to sing!!)
I think Avery will be old enough to do it next year! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Everyday Life

So I started back to work last Monday and its been super busy!  The girls are doing wonderfully with the change...Avery is actually doing better than Addison!  They are staying with "Grandma Joyce" who was the lady who watched Drew & Jack for us!  We're so grateful for her and the way she loves on our girls!  They have both really taken to her!  Its such a blessing!  Because of work, I've been a bit behind on the blog postings so I took some uneventful photos of the girls eating jsut so everyone could see them.  They're SO cute!  (Avery is potty training too! she's doing fantastic!)

Addie saying, "Kimchi!" (She's always up for a photo!!)

Avery wasn't sure she wanted to smile for pictures tonight.  You just never know if she'll be in the mood.

Avery LOVES her two middle fingers.  I'm certain we'll never break her of that habit! 

Addison was being CRAZY!  I thought this shot was so funny!

Avery smiling with her two middle fingers STILL in her mouth!  Its still adorable!

Here are the girls eating. (Admittedly...not terribly interesting) You'll hear Avery really saying a lot of words and responding to my questions.  She's so smart and learning Enlgish quickly!  It simpressive how these little ones catch on!  She her new words are "potty" and "candy"!!!  I think Addison's constant, endless chatter has helped her pick up on so many different words.  She loves Addie so much!