Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prom 2013

 Nick went to his first prom last Sturday!  He looked so grown up and handsome.  I can't believe my baby is this big!
 Here is one of the other couples he went with.  His date for the evening was his friend Kalie.  Addison loved her purple dress!
 Here they are together!  They are perfect!  Such good looking kids!
 Here are all the girls in the group! 
 Here are all the boys! 
 One more of Kalie & Nick
 My handsome boy and I!
Here they are on the red carpet at the school.  They annouced their names and then they entered.  It was very special.
Here is a photo of all the kids together!  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Morning

 These photos ended up out of order for some reason.  The one above was taken right after the girls founf their Easter baskets early Easter morning.  They loved the candy! 
 The girls in their big dresses! 
 Sister love.
 Pretty in Pink.
 Beautiful in blue.
 Daddy and his girls
Daddy love!

 The above picture shows the girls eating their chocolate bunnies right after they woke up.  I've since hiden the bunnies...I think they'll forget about them!
 Addison waiting for us to leave for church.
 I love this picture of Avery!  She is so happy!
My handsome boys and my beautiful girls!
The whole family.  We are so blessed.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ninja Easter Eggs!!

 So, the girls and I dyed Easter eggs.  I bought this adorable ninja egg kit from my fabulous local Target store...and it was SO cute!  Oh, I have NO good pictures of Addison.  I don't know why as she's usually very photogenic.
 Here is Avery with the ninja parts.
 Again, NO good pictures of Addison.
 Our completely adorable ninja eggs!!!  A roaring success!!
This was Addison's very favorite one!  Its cute!