Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Break! Nature Center!

With Spring break upon us, we needed to go have a little fun! Tuesday, I too the girls to a nature center where they can see animals native to our state and hike various trails.  They love it!  
My parents & niece (Alex)  joined us!  

Here are all the girls with my dad!

Aliah inside the center looking at the animals.

I don't know what had Avery's attention,but she was mesmerized!!

Here the girls were looking at animal bones and shells and got a little silly!

Looking at books!

Pretty girls!

Avery & Alex coloring together!

Alex & Aliah coloring together. 

She loves coloring...but will color an absolutely anything if not watched!! (I have video below of her coloring)

The bigger girls were able to make little edible acorns for a snack craft!

We played a bean bag game - I won of course!

Addison discussing nature with her grandpa.  (He loves the outdoors - hes a science teacher and biology major so he has lots to share!)

Aliah peeking through the fence!

Grandma & Avery!

Sweet photos with grandpa. 

Grandpa telling the girls all about the animal footprints.

They decided they needed to climb to the top of the hill.  So up they went!

Avery stopped to help Aliah. (She was fine, but Avery is very mothering!)

My sweet girls!

Below is a short video of Aliah coloring at the nature center. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Peyton's 6th Birthday

 So Peyton, Aliah's sister (middle with her hands on the younger girl's shoulders) turned 6!  We had to have a birthday party to celebrate!!  Here is a picture of most of the kids.  

I'll go from left to right
Elijah (Aliah's brother) CJ, Mikaliah, (cousins) Peyton, the little one Peyton is holding is a friend named Anna, then Ja'cella (cousin) and Addison.  

 Alonzo (Aliah's brother) was chillin' in the living room and missed the photo-op!!

 I finally got a little smile!

 and Miss Aliah...well, there was no smile going on there! but still a ton of cuteness!

 This is little Kyclynn...(cousin)

 Peyton opening her gifts with all the kids gathered around!

 Avery and Peyton discussing her new nail polish!

 More fun gifts!

 Of course the kids couldn't get close enough!

 Peyton's princess cake!

Everyone wanted to be close enough to see the cake!  
We had so much fun!  Next time I am going to try to be better at taking photos of the whole family - like grandparents and aunts!  I got too busy and forgot!

Happy Birthday sweet Peyton!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dance 2017

The girls take dance all year.  Avery is currently in pre-ballet & pre-tap classes.  She loves them!
Its so fun to watch them too!  Here are some photos from the parent observation night.

She was a little teary-eyed - nervous about the parents there - but she persevered and did very well!

Finally...a smile!!

Be sure to check to the videos of her dancing and being sill at the very bottom of this post.  

Addison truly loves dance.  She is currently in ballet 2, tap 2, and Jazz 2.  Her favorite is jazz.  My favorite is ballet.  I love watching her do ballet.  She seems so graceful to me.  (although I might be a little biased!!)

being silly between dances!

This expression is so quintessentially "Addison"  - it made me smile!  I see this look a lot!

Here are some videos of the girls on dance observation night!