Friday, March 17, 2017

Dance 2017

The girls take dance all year.  Avery is currently in pre-ballet & pre-tap classes.  She loves them!
Its so fun to watch them too!  Here are some photos from the parent observation night.

She was a little teary-eyed - nervous about the parents there - but she persevered and did very well!

Finally...a smile!!

Be sure to check to the videos of her dancing and being sill at the very bottom of this post.  

Addison truly loves dance.  She is currently in ballet 2, tap 2, and Jazz 2.  Her favorite is jazz.  My favorite is ballet.  I love watching her do ballet.  She seems so graceful to me.  (although I might be a little biased!!)

being silly between dances!

This expression is so quintessentially "Addison"  - it made me smile!  I see this look a lot!

Here are some videos of the girls on dance observation night!

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