Monday, March 13, 2017

Forgotten Christmas Photos! (oops!)

 So I was about to upload photos to my computer and get to work on my blog when I realized that I had Christmas photos that I had completely forgotten about!  Opps!!  So here are my Christmas morning pictures about three months too late!  

 The girls had some gifts that were for both of them and here are a couple photos of them opening those gifts together.  

 Drew chillin' while everyone opens gifts.

Munching on some breakfast.

 Aliah running amuck!  (our first Christmas with her.  We weer SO happy to have her!  Last year was hard - we missed her so much.  IT felt complete to have all our kids at home on Christmas.

 Addison opening her gift.

 Silly Avery!!

 More gifts

 Nick spraying perfume on the baby.  She wanted some too!

 Gifts and more gifts.

 I got Aliah this white stuffed doggy chair.  She loved it!  She squealed when she opened it!  It was so cute!  She still sits in it all the time.  

 More Christmas chaos

opening more gifts.

a new fuzzy fleece jacket.  

Below is video of the girls playing in their new Princess tent.    

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