Thursday, May 2, 2013

Addison's birthday #2

 Here are photos of Addison opeing her birthday gifts!  She was SO excited!  One of her favorite was the bug catcher which Jack (who was taking the pictures) didn't catch with the camera.
 Here is a puzzle book her grandma gave her!  She loves puzzles.

 Her mima gave her some dress up clothes which are alwayas a hit! I swear I was smiling...I guess not in this picture.
 family at the party!
 Opening gifts from us!
 Little Miss Avery...she had a hard time understanding it wasn't her own birthday.  :(
She's still as cute as a bug!
 Papa snatched her up and fed her cake which made everything better!
 Cousin Corinne eating the yummy cake.
Cecelia loved it too!!
Addie had a great birthday!  She kept asking when it would happen again!!?? 
Happy birthday sweetheart!  We love you!

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