Saturday, December 24, 2016

Decorating the Gingerbread House

The girls wanted to decorate a gingerbread house so I, being so creative, bought a kit, and decided I could maybe help with this project!

The first steps of the project.

Working on the roof.

Decorating the windows.

Concentration. Its a big job!

Great teamwork.

Notice, Avery is licking her finger.  She actually ate most of the time - sneaking bites, licks of frosting, and popping pieces of candy into her mouth at every turn!

Addison took the decorating quite seriously.  (unlike her sister)

Notice, Avery grinning in the background, and Addison concentrating on each and every decoration.

Frustration with Avery.  She's not taking this seriously.  

Discussing the overall plan.

Licking the icing.

This pretty much sums Avery's contribution perfectly.

Getting close to being finished!

All done!!!  Perfect!!!

A great team!

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