Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Addie woke up to an Easter basket with sunglasses, a ball, and some candy.
 The boys and their baskets
 Addie eating her M&Ms..she loves them!
 My kiddos!

 She was giggling as we took her picture
 Addison and her Daddy.

 My brother, Larissa, and their kids.
 The kids and their cousins
 Later that day, we had our annual Easter egg hunt.  There is stiff competition for all those eggs.
 The older boys were way too cool for the Easter egg hunt
 Jack looking for eggs.
 Addison found one too!
 Addison was crawling to find eggs.
 Lookin' for eggs.
 Addison and her cousin Alyssa.
 Sorting the loot.
The cousins and kids.

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