Monday, June 5, 2017

Aliah Grows Up!

 Here is the sweetest surprise that God has ever given us!  In August of 2015 we agreed to keep Aliah for "just a few days"  Little did we know she'd become a part of our family and change our lives forever.
 August 2015 - the first day she was with us.

 September 2015

 Ocot0ber 2015

 November 2015

 December 2015

 January 2016

 February 2016

 March 2106

 April 2016

 May 2016

 June 2016 - first birthday

 July 2016
September 2016

 October 2016

 November 2016

 January 2017

 February 2017

March 2014

Easter 2017

We love this sweet gift.  Thank you God for bringing her and her family into our lives.  We are forever & fundamentally changed for the better.  

"If we are faithless, He is faithful.  He cannot deny Himself."
2 Timothy 2:13

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