Saturday, June 3, 2017

Addison's turns 8!

 On May 1, Addison turned 8 years old! She chose this pretty cake which I loved!  
The colors were beautiful!

 Here are all the cousins there to celebrate her birthday.

 She was so excited as you can see.

 Uncle Troy & Papa.  Great face Troy!

 Jack was holding Aliah.  

 There is Aunt Sara holding baby Zeke! 

 Here is baby Emmy and Aunt Sheri.

 Addie was instructing me on which cake piece she wanted!  

 They were supervising the cutting of the cake. 

 Yay!  Gifts!

 More gifts!!  (Theres Ethan to the right)

A hug from Grandpa!  The perfect end to her birthday!

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