Saturday, April 29, 2017

Prom 2017

Drew was able to attend prom this year!  He went with a small group of friends and his date for the evening was Piper Adams.  

Here they are trying to get his boutonniere figured out (video of this at the end)  None of us were really sure so it was bit funny.

Piper's mom is a photographer. (She took out family pictures in the fall of 2016) and she had some cute photo shoots planned for the group this time!  We went to an older theater and had pictures taken there.  They turned our so nice!

My handsome boy in his tux!

Here is part of the group. There is Hunter & Avery and of course Drew & Piper.

The entire group all together.  

The whole group posing with the cute props,

I love this one!

This was also a cute picture (I have video of this at the end too)

This photo was taken as they entered the "red carpet" -Piper's mom took this too.  I think its stunning.  He had a great Junior prom!  I can't believe what a handsome man he's become!

Videos #1 Trying to get the dang flower on!     Video #2 Eating popcorn!

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