Saturday, April 1, 2017

Exploration Place!

 Over spring break, we visited Exploration Place!  They currently have a "Discover the Ice Age" exhibit where they have animals & skeletons from the ice age era which is really incredible to see.
Above Addie & Avery are posing in front of a Woolly Mammoth with Iclynn.  (Iclynn is Aliah's 8 year old aunt) 

 Here's Aliah playing with the toddler kitchen.  

 They also have another exhibit called "Voyage to Vietnam" which the girls loved.  They could dress up in various clothes and play cook and other things!  You can tell by the following pictures that Avery especially loved it!



 There was even a little outfit for Aliah!

Avery in front of the Woolly Mammoth!

 All the girls! Except Aliah, she was scared of all the big animals and wouldn't let me put her down!  

 Excavating for dinosaur bones!

Below are a few rather uneventful video clips of Aliah at Exploration Place.

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  1. Avery looks beautiful in the blue kimono. I also like seeing a picture of Icylynn which I thought was spelled "Iceland".