Sunday, October 2, 2016

Avery's 6th Birthday!

Avery turned 6 on September 9th!! She was SO excited, of course!  I really tried to get her to choose something other than Frozen for her birthday cake theme, but obviously that didn't work!  
All that matters is she loved it!  

She was so delighted.  We even bought her sparkling candles!  The pictures don'r really do them justice because they sparkled much like "sparklers" we use on the fourth of July.

The sparkling candles would also re-ignite so they were very difficult to blow out!  It was fun watching her try to get them out permanently.

Getting close!!  they're almost all out!


Here's Aliah with her Aunt Sara.  So sweet!

Here are Avery's cousins - and yes, they'e as ornery as they appear!!!

Here's Avery opening her gifts!  I love the excitement written all over her face!

So happy!!
All the crazy kids excited for the birthday!!!

The princess with her birthday crown!

Opening gifts amidst the chaos!

My older brother, my dad, and my Jack!

Drew just chillin'  and aunt Larissa watching the gift opening!

More gift opening

The pandemonium!


Avery asked for make-up, nail polish and any such related here are some photos of her with her new lighted make-up mirror and pink nail dryer.  She LOVES her beauty supplies too - she plays with them all the time!  

The princess organizing her beauty things!

Such concentration.  

We are so blessed to have her and so grateful for every birthday we can celebrate with her.  We love you Avery Cake!

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