Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back to School 2016-17

I'm  a little late with my back to school post but nevertheless, I did finally complete it!!
Addison started second grade this year and Avery started kindergarten.  They are both attending The Classical School.  

 Here is Addison with her teacher, Mrs. Glossen on the very first day!

 Here are the girls at the meet your teacher event.  This is Addison's classroom.

 Here is Avery in her kindergarten room getting her things all organized!

Avery before her first day of kindergarten!  So big!
 Addison - oh my!  She looks like a girl, not a little girl either.

 My sweet girls!

 Ready to go with backpacks & lunches in hand.

 Here's my Jacker! He started high school today and for whatever reason, that made me tear up!  How could my baby boy be starting 9th grade?!?!

 Of course, sweet Aliah needed to be in the picture too!

Drew started his junior year!  He's now officially an upper classman with open lunch!!

So handsome!

 The girls' dance classes started up again as well!  Addison is now in Jazz, Ballet, and Tap 2 which means she can wear a "big girl" dance uniform - a black leotard instead of a baby blue one and she can also have toe-less tights and brown tap shoes.  She felt so big!  

I didn't get any pictures of Nick because her left when I was at work!  He is a junior at Pitt State and begins his first year of nursing school.  So proud of all my kiddos,  Such great gifts from God!

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