Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Zoo Visits

We have a family membership to the zoo so during the summer we visit it often.  Here are just a few pictures o a couple of our visits.  The girsl always want to pose on all the neat animal statues.

The girls like the farm area.  (Since thy're rarely exposed to farms, the country and such its a treat.)

Brushing the goats. They were so cute.

Aliah kept looking at the goats with an expression that says, "Go away strange creatures...you smell!"
She really wanted nothing to do with them.

Sweet baby face!

The lion was sleeping which provided us with this great shot!  Avery was pretending to be scared which was clearly annoying Addison.

At the end of our visits we usually ride the train around the zoo.  IT was really hot this day.  You can see Addison crashing...Avery was still being a goof-ball though!!

More goat grooming.

The girls sitting by the grizzly bears who were cooling off in their pool.

This is Peyton, Aliah's older sister.  She came with us once which the girls loved!

Painting the barn with water.

All the girls posing for a picture! Such cuties!

The girls LOVE feeding the giraffes.  Here's some video of them feeding them at our zoo.
Avery was a little apprehensive about it.

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