Monday, August 1, 2016

Vacation 2016 - Part #4 (Last one!)

We went to the beach most evenings to collect shells, catch little crabs and one evening we took pictures. Here are some of those shots.

All my girls on the beach!

Aliah wanted to get into the water so she didn't last long in the sand posing for pictures. My girls kept wading into the water.  It was so pretty!!!

Avery wasn't looking buck Aliah &Addison had the cutest smiles!

Playing in the waves.

pretty sunset, pretty girls.

Then we saw a huge Crane walking down the beach!  They were amazed!

Here he was.  

Running from the waves!

Aliah was completely in awe of the crane - she kept staring and pointing.  It was funny!

Couldn't take her eyes off of that big bird!

My beauty!

Here are the boys getting ready for a few pictures.  

Nick enjoyed his evening at the beach too!

My two handsome boys.  Love them!

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