Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ashlee's 22nd Birthday

So Ashlee, Aliah's mom, turned 22 on October 28 so we had a party to celebrate!  Here is my favorite one of both of us together with Aliah.  

Disclaimer (The settings on the camera were not correct so the photos are not very good.  I was kind of mad I didn't catch this sooner!)

Here's Aliah playing with her two brothers, Alonzo (Facing us) and Elijah.  Ashlee's tein sister is sitting on the floor with them - her name is Alisha.

Here is Ashlee's family.  From left to right: Ashlee's mom, Beatrice, Aliah, Alonzo (holding pink hairdryer) Elijah (Below him) Alisha, Ashlee, Marisca.  Her older sister Janella couldn't make as she had to work.  IT was so fun having everyone all together.

Ashlee opening gifts!  The kids were very interested!

Andrea (Director of Faithbuilders) was also there with her daughter.  There was also another lady and her daughter there - Trish & Hailey - but I didn't get their picture!  They are the family with whom Marisca lives.

Marisca & Kylee (Kylee is Ashlee's friend - clearly about to have her baby girl!)

Ashlee & her kids with me!  Elijah was NOT too happy about photos!

Ashlee with all of her kids and her mother (Her mother is deaf)

Ashlee & her family!

Ashlee blowing out her candles!   (They were sparklers so they didn't want to go out!!!)

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