Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Homecoming 2016

 So homecoming was last Saturday and Drew & Jack both went this year!  

The whole day was quite eventful so I'll start at the beginning.  Nick made a quick stop home and then had to leave again.  I always get so sad when he leaves.  So, I decided that since I don't have any "real" pictures of him lately I'd just take some of him leaving, because that's what I normally see anyway.  {feel free to send sympathy!}

 Here he is packing his car.

 The boys were getting ready for homecoming so the girls were the only ones available to take pictures. They love their Nick.


 Nick loves the baby,  He always asks to see her whenever I facetime him.  I think she may be the main reason her calls or comes home.  Can't you tell he loves her!

 Getting in his car to leave.

 Bye Nickus.  We love and miss you.

 See you at Thanksgiving.

 Drew getting ready! 

  Drew has the tie thing down!  Looks good!

 The girls decided they wanted to be pretty too!!!

 Such focus and concentration!

 My handsome boy.

 All ready to go! 

 Jacker getting ready!

 All ready to go!

 The boys were at the their dates' house waiting on them to finish getting ready

 Exchanging flowers.

 My handsome boy before dinner

 The girls putting on their shoes.

 Calling his late friend!

 Waiting on the late couple!

 Everyone is here!

 The pretty girls!

 Good-looking boys (Jack Benedict, Ty Herrmann, Ganon Steiner, & Jacker!)

 Jack and his best friend - Ganon!

 Drew's group - here are the girls!  (Morgan, Drew's date is the blond on the far right)

 Drew and friends - He is on the right with Morgan.

 Cute couple!  

 Such great photos - Thanks to Pandora Adams for the fantastic pictures.

 Busy day -great day - love my boys!  

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