Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Video

So I've been working on getting about a year's worth of video uploaded to the You Tube so I can post it on the blog, so Addie's foster mom can see her!!!!  Since I've had surgery, and am now relegated to "easy-going" tasks, I took this up this project!!  Here are videos we took of Addison's third brothday!


  1. Hi Noel,

    Enjoyed the lovely videos. I remember watching one of your first videos of her. My heart ached watching Addie sobbing away on your back but you were so calm and loving. I knew then she will be all right. Look at her now. Such a happy sweet little beauty. Families like yours inspire me to be a better person. Thanks. Wish you a speedy recovery. Sanna

    1. Thank you Sanna! Your words are VERY sweet and encouraging!! I appreciate your kind thoughts