Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer: Baseball & Swimming!

Jack plays baseball during the spring and summer months so we spend a fair amount of time at the baseball fields during the month of June.  Here are some shots from one of his tournaments.

 Getting ready to bat! 

Swimming Lessons!  
So my girls came to me from Korea with this embedded fear of water. They hate getting their faces wet and they HATE going under the water.  I've had them in on-going lessons in a feeble attempt get them water safe, but still have not attained that goal.  We've made progress but as you can see there is very little joy when I drag them to lessons.  

The picture above is Avery at her first lesson and the picture below is her at her most recent there is some improvement at least in her attitude!

 Addie is completely unsure of this.  She can do it all but generally hates it and finds it unpleasant.


Avery backstroking! 

Avery practicing her kicks! 

Not so happy. 

Jumping in!  Yes, Addison does actually jump in alone! 

Here is Addie rolling on over onto her back. 

 Addie Backstroking!  :)

 She may hate lessons but she's never too miserable to pose!  (That's my girl!!!)

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  1. You would think with all of the fish they eat in Korea, that they would naturally seek out the water!