Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jack turns 13!

So I'm a little behind in my summer posts so I'm going to catch up this week!!! 
First off, we celebrated Jack's 13th birthday June 18.  I have three teenage sons....and yes, they eat a ton!  Here is Jack's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (Sorry missed out!!)

We spent the day at a local water park and then Jack and his friends came over for dinner, cake, a sleep-over. Here is the whole gang!

Cute boy!

The girls were really enjoying the birthday too!  They love cake and watching people open gifts!  

My Jacker, blowing out his candles!

I'm looking a little disheveled after a day at the water park...but nevertheless....

The boys were tired of me taking pictures of them you'll see in the next few pictures....they all closed their eyes when I tried to snap one.  Ornery boys!

Here's Jack opening his gifts.  I can't believe my baby boys is SO big!  

Happy birthday!!  Luv this kid!!!!

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