Monday, June 2, 2014

First Dance Recital

 Addison had her very first dance recital this past weekend!  She was SO super excited she couldn't stand it.  Here she is in her tap outfit!

 Avery was feeling a bit left out (She isn't old enough for dance quite yet...she wills tart in the fall) So I put her hair in a dance bun and put a little make up on her so she wouldn't' feel left out.  She was delighted!!

 Here is my sweet Avery.  She wanted to wear one of her costumes so she could be a ballerina too!

 Here is Addison in her blue ballet costume!  It was so cute!  I think it was my favorite.

Silly girl! 

 Here are the girls backstage waiting to perform ....Playing with the iPad, of course!

 Here are all the girls in Addison's dance class waiting to go on stage.

 Avery kept looking at all the sparkles and pretty designs on Addison's tutu.  She loved it!!

 Here is Addison performing her ballet number on stage!  She did a great job!

 More stage shots!

 After the performance, we stayed to watch the big girls dance!  Addie told me she couldn't wait to be a big-girl ballerina and dance on her toes!

 Here are all of the girls together!

 Avery finally had enough and decided to take a nap on the floor!

 Here they are in their tap costumes!

My sweet pea.  :)

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  1. I'm glad that someone in our family gets to dance....something I always wanted to do as a child.