Thursday, May 16, 2019

Nick's Wedding!

My oldest boy got married to the most wonderful girl!  I was SO happy for them both.  It was very emotional to see him so grown up - a man. I was overwhelmed with happiness, nostalgia, sorrow for whats over, and excitement of what is ahead.  It was a lot to process, but yet so so good. 

 his friend Spencer

 Long-time friend Austin

 His friend Jack

 Drew - my 2nd boy

Jack - my 3rd boy

Aliah was the flower girl - and she really liked the ring-bearer Tadd.

 Addison & Avery were Junior Bridesmaids.

pretty girls

Here comes the Bride

 Waiting for the bride.

 Watching her walk down the isle.

 The happy couple!

 Friends since babies!  Now all grown up. Austin & Chandler.

 After the ceremony.  I love how the light is just shining on her.  

 The cousins.

 The mother/son dance.  I was so overcome with everything I just cried the whole time.  Watch the video below.

 dancing with his mema.

 The wall-flowers  

 After a tornado warning that sent us into the inner-rooms of the venue, we got a few more dances all in for the brave who dared to stay. 

 Last dance before they left!

my dad dancing with my nieces.

My brothers & I

 my mom and nephew!

 my parents.

Nick & Amber - trying to eat!

Their last dance

 At the end of the night, we all ran out into the down-pouring rain and sent them on their way while waving sparklers.  Aliah, already in her PJs, just stood at the door - she wasn't getting wet!  (Notice she still has her flowers!  too cute)

Heres several videos of the night.  My favorite is of the mother/son dance.  It still touches my heart. My Boy. (Video #5)

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